Here are some examples of our recent work:

1. horn section + tpt solo.mp3

2. Funky House Demo.mp3

3. Gospel Demo.mp3

(No. 3 contains double tracked trumpets from sessionbrass, + the producer's own synth brass)

Once you're happy with our work, you can pay by Paypal, and download each individual track to mix in your own studio


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Get great sounding horns recorded for your tracks without the hassle of contracting session musicians or booking expensive studio time. Sessionbrass is run by experienced Tonmeister sound engineer and trumpeter, Peter Medland

How it works:

1. Send us your track so far.

2. We record the horn parts.

3. You download the files from this website!

Hear what one of our recent clients had to say:

"I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this experience, both the ease of the process and the quality of the result are outstanding." - Rodrigo Antonio Villaronga


Each project is priced individually. Tracks for which the parts have already been written may cost as little as £40. Simple licks/loops may be less, whereas long complicated parts, solos and material written by us will cost more. If you only have a vague idea of how you would like the horns to sound, don't be afraid to make contact by e-mail to discuss your requirements.