"Peter's trumpet playing, and all-round musicianship, were just what I needed for my project; he's full of ideas and his interpretations were spot on. AND he makes a great cup of tea" - Matt Kingston www.one-hundred-and-one.com
"Wow you can play! That sounds spot on. With your service I could kind of create custom made old jazz samples!" - Domhnall O'Sullivan
"The files downloaded without a hitch and sound great. I've got plenty here to play around with. The alternatives may be useful also." - Phil Ogden www.myspace.com/philogg
"I've worked with Peter Medland - he can play! And he has some very respectable kit to get down a decent recording for you." - Steve Hill www.woodwormmusic.com
"Thanks for the trumpet - it's great. Works very well and now I can stick to my "never use sampled brass or wind instrument" rule... I'll be recommending you to everyone" - Charley Darbishire www.brightbluestudios.co.uk
"I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this
experience, both the ease of the process and the
quality of the result are outstanding."
Rodrigo Antonio Villaronga