You are under no obligation to purchase my work if you don't like it. If you can describe what it is that's wrong with it I can put it right and send you another mp3 to audition. I take pride in a job well done, and I aim to please all of my clients.
What happens if I don't like what you've done when I audition the mp3 preview that you send me?
None at all. I always save the files with exactly the same start point as the mp3 that you have sent me to work with. Or, if I have recorded a part of short duration to be used only once, or as a loop, then I will provide the exact start time of the sample in the filename in minutes:sec's:milliseconds relative to the start of the mp3.
Won't I have problems lining the tracks up with my project?
You can either download the tracks from a web address, which I will send to you by e-mail, or if you prefer, I can burn the files onto a cd and send it to you through the post.
How will I receive the tracks after I have paid?
I save each individual track as a mono WAV or AIFF file at a sampling rate of 44.1/ 48/ 88.2/ or 96kHz and with a bit depth of 16 or 24 bit. You can specify how you would like the files.
In what format will you send me the tracks?
This depends on whether you want just a few short trumpet licks or whole brass arrangements for entire tracks. Please e-mail me with your requirements and I will send you a quote for the work.
How much do you charge?